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Howdy folks, this is Rohan here.


I've been editing the Wikipedia since July, 2004. My topics of interest include cars, sports, aircraft, ships and food!

I've passed 50 edits, on 20 October, 2008 and I've recently got past 100, on 16 October, 2009.

"I have nothing to declare but my genius" - Oscar Wilde

What I'm working on currently[edit]

Currently, I'm working on improving all Talwar-class frigates, particularly INS Talwar (F40) and INS Trishul (F43). I'm also working on articles on some common Indian food fishes such as the Indian mackerel.

I'm also looking into improving pages related to Goan cuisine like Sorpotel.


I Paladin award Rohan nog a super smiley for all his hardwork correcting Vandalism . Also for his constantly clean language .

Weldone !

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